CAER Digital Forensics Services LLC.

Discover the power of CAER Digital Forensics Services LLC. With over a decade of experience, our certified examiners specialize in digital support, computer and mobile phone forensics and cell tower/GPS mapping.

Litigation Support

At CAER Digital Forensics Services LLC., we provide thorough digital forensics support for all types of litigation, including civil, family, corporate and government matters. Whether you're an attorney, corporate or government entity, or an individual with electronically stored information relevant to your case, we're here to help you gather, analyze, and prepare it for court.

Our expert team can handle various cases that require digital forensics, including:

  • Abuse
  • Background investigations
  • Corporate Fraud
  • Cybercrime
  • Computer Crime
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Divorce Cases
  • Death or Investigation of Death
  • Drug Abuse
  • Embezzlement
  • Employee or Employer Misconduct
  • Employee Destruction of Data
  • Employee Theft of Client List
  • Employee Theft of Company or Customer Information
  • Harassment
  • Infidelity
  • Impaired Driving
  • Inappropriate Use of Company Time or Resources
  • Inappropriate Use of Email, Text Messaging, or Chat Applications
  • Legal Dispute
  • Stolen Information
  • Social Media Analysis

With our state-of-the-art tools and software, we create a forensic image of the device, identify and analyze all data, and prepare a court-ready report, preserving the integrity of the data and making it admissible in court.

CAER Digital Forensics Services LLC.
CAER Digital Forensics Services LLC.

Mobile Device Forensics

Our certified mobile phone examiners have nearly a decade of expertise in cell phone forensics and proficiency in mobile phone data recovery. Our comprehensive forensics services cover all types of cell phones and smartphones, encompassing both iPhone and Android devices.

Our mobile phone forensics investigators can reveal a spectrum of data, including:

  • Recover Deleted Photos
  • Retrieve Deleted Voicemails
  • Restore Deleted Text Messages or Chat Messages
  • Retrieve Deleted Notes
  • Recover Deleted Emails
  • Extract Applications and Application Data (E.g., Facebook, WhatsApp, and Other Third-party Apps)
  • Examine Internet Browsing History (Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Other Internet Browsers)
  • Analyze Cell Tower Data, Including Locations, Strength, and Mapping
  • Trace GPS Data Related to Call Records, Text Messages, Photos, and Other Files
  • Scrutinize Metadata Associated With Call Records, Text Messages, Photos, and Other Files

Cell Tower/GPS Mapping

In need of expert cell tower analysis and mapping? Whether for an investigation, legal case, or personal matter, CAER has you covered.

Our forensics examiners, bring extensive experience in working with call detail records (CDR) data from cell phone companies and providers.

CAER Digital Forensics Services LLC.
CAER Digital Forensics Services LLC.

Computer Forensics

Do you need a computer forensics investigation for legal proceedings or personal matters? Whether you seek to corroborate a witness statement, challenge a claim, or uncover cybercrime evidence, our forensic computer analysts are here to provide the required solutions. We specialize in professional computer forensics services, delivered by certified computer forensics examiners with over a decade of expertise in digital forensics and cyber investigations and nearly a decade of experience in data recovery.

Our computer forensics investigators will help you with the following:

  • Recover deleted files and documents (from programs such as Word, Excel, PDF, and others)
  • Restore deleted images and photos
  • Retrieve deleted emails
  • Examine internet browsing history (from browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari)
  • Compile a list of recently connected devices
  • Track recently accessed files

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