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CAER Digital Forensics Services LLC.

At CAER Digital Forensics Services LLC., we offer unparalleled expertise in digital forensics, covering all levels and aspects of digital, including computers, cell phones, cell phone GPS mapping, and more. Our applied experience in providing digital forensics services for litigation support is second to none. Whether you're an attorney, corporate or government entity, or an individual with electronically stored information relevant to your case, we are here to help you.

Common Cases for Digital Forensics

Our services are instrumental in a wide range of cases, including criminal matters, civil and family matters, corporate fraud, cybercrime, divorce cases, employee misconduct, harassment, and social media analysis, among others.

How We Help You Win Your Case

Our digital forensics experts approach each case systematically. We start by creating a forensic image of the device in question. We then identify and analyze the data from this image using specialized tools and software typically only available to law enforcement and federal agencies. We look for hidden files, encrypted files, and even deleted information that may be relevant to your case. Finally, we prepare a court-ready, easy-to-understand report of our findings.

Mobile Device Forensics Services

We also specialize in mobile device forensics. Our certified examiners have extensive experience in data recovery from all types of cell phones and smartphones, including iPhones and Android devices.

Recovering Data & Information

Our mobile phone forensics investigators can recover a wide range of data, including deleted photos, voicemails, text messages, emails, and application data. We can also analyze cell tower data and GPS data for call records, text messages, location information and other files.

Computer Forensics

Our computer forensics examiners are skilled in investigating and analyzing data for court cases and personal matters. We can help corroborate a witness statement, refute a claim, or find evidence of a cybercrime.

What We Can Find

Our computer forensics investigators can recover deleted files, images, emails, and browser history. We can also provide a list of recently connected devices and accessed files. Contact us today for expert computer, mobile, and digital forensic services.

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CAER Digital Forensics Services LLC